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NRAS Tax Effective Property Investments

Many of our clients are interested in property investment, some are already active investors and some of you have already heard about NRAS and expressed interest in it. So we have arranged for a comprehensive NRAS service to be offered to our clients.

What is NRAS?

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) has created a new class of Tax Effective Residential Property Investments. In 2008 the Federal Government introduced NRAS to help ease Australia`s chronic housing shortage. NRAS is a long term commitment by the Australian Government.

The NRAS Scheme offers tax free cash payments (currently $9,140) indexed annually for ten (10) years ( expect $120,000 over 10 years) to property investors who rent new dwellings to eligible tenants at 20 per cent below market rates.

Eligible tenants are ordinary Australian individuals and families with incomes ranging from $42,386 to $125,960. NRAS is not a social housing initiative.

The NRAS Service

NRAS Residential is a Licensed Real Estate Agent dealing exclusively in NRAS properties. They can help you understand how NRAS works and help you calculate how NRAS could work for you. Also, they can help you select a property from their extensive database of NRAS properties, Australia wide.

If you would like to see the NRAS properties for sale at NRAS Residential simply submit your contact details below and you will be transferred to the NRAS Residential web site.