Our Services

NRAS Residential  

We assist property investors who are interested in purchasing NRAS accredited investment properties.  

We help you:  

  • Understand how NRAS works
  • Calculate how NRAS could work for you
  • Select a suitable NRAS property

All properties for sale are presented with comprehensive analytical investment information including;  

  • Current market rent
  • NRAS rent
  • Annual rental yield
  • Net annual cash flow after tax and NRAS credits
  • Total annual percentage return forecast (rent plus capital growth)
  • Capital growth calculations (based on Residex forecasts)
  • Equity growth calculations

Location information including;  

  • Historical population growth
  • Historical capital growth
  • Forecast future population growth
  • Forecast future capital growth
  • Current area features, services and infrastructure
  • Future area initiatives

Property information including;  

  • Address
  • Construction and design features
  • Land area

So you can make an unemotional, informed decision about properties that best suit your individual circumstances.  

Also, we provide assistance with property selection, execution of purchase contracts, assistance with finance and settlement.  

NRAS Scheme Compliance    

Under the NRAS Act, entitlements to receive NRAS incentives are issued to approved participants or scheme managers.
Approved participants then apply the incentives to particular investment properties and make them available for purchase
by investors. Each approved participant has a different set of standard terms and conditions that investors must comply
with in order to receive the incentives (tax free cash payments). It is therefore extremely important that investors
understand the differences and choose a scheme that suits them.

All properties offered for sale by NRAS Residential are sourced from a short list of NRAS scheme managers. Scheme managers have been carefully selected to ensure that only quality NRAS dwellings are offered to our clients, on favourable terms and conditions including, in particular, competitive pricing.


  • BGL Financial Solutions specialises in providing investment solutions and products to accountants and financial planners, who in turn provide them to their clients. For NRAS investment properties, BGL Financial Solutions uses NRAS Residential exclusively.